Adrian Green
Adrian Green is the Director of The Woolwich Grand Theatre. He has been working as an arts documentor for the past 23 years and in 2002 he was inspired to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, not appearing on a normal stage, but a very special personalised minicab as a DJ minicab. He performed in a further five shows with great success before starting his own video magazine showcase fringe tv. Adrian is currently working on his own video production company and casting agency.

NB: In 2012 Adrian will be appearing at the Brighton Fringe comedy festival as DJ Minicab performed in a people carrier! Sparing a little time from his hard, busy schedule at the theatre Adrian has decided to bestow upon the poor occupants of Brighton the wonders of Woolwich. We wish him the best of luck!

Julian Caddy
Julian Caddy was born in Woolwich and former resident of Greenwich, Blackheath and Lee Green, Julian is a highly skilled live performance producer, promoter and director who, for the last 13 years has programmed and presented more than 500 shows to audiences of over 150,000 people. He co-founded and co-runs Sweet Entertainments Ltd (?Sweet Venues?) with seasons at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival since 2003 and co-productions at the Adelaide, Avignon and Montreal Fringe Festivals since 2006.
As a trained actor, director and drama teacher, Julian understands and gets involved in every artistic level of the productions that he produces and, having also spent 3 years previously working in PR and Marketing, is also in contact with many of the most influential arts journalists in the UK to help promote them too.

Julian has recently become the the head of the brighton fringe.

Alex Macro
Alex Maco has been working as an advertising photographer for over 15 years. Having trained at Film College, he is currently establishing himself as a director. Alex has a creative and humorous approach to capturing moments in accordance with a clients brief and brings his enthusiasm and creative passion to each production.